Long-Term Campsites


Long-Term Camping


This option is for people who want to live at the campground full-time.

The commitment is month-to-month, and can be discontinued at any time with notice.

It is a great option for workers on contract, or retirees snow-birding in the region.

Year-round sites are available, but contact us for availability.

Monthly Rate

$680* /month

*Plus Monthly Electric Bills

Long-Term Camping


Weekend camping. This option is perfect for those looking for a peaceful retreat within reasonable proximity to their home.

Zero hassle. No need to relocate your camper or set anything up. Just show up and enjoy your weekend.

Seasonal Camper

7 months of weekend camping

5 months of on-site storage

$2300* /season

*+ electric bills, golf cart fee, barn fee

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